SculpSure is the latest non-invasive permanent fat reduction technology and one of the most effective of the non-surgical liposuction devices.

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Non-Surgical Liposuction

SculpSure employs the latest non-invasive permanent fat reduction technology and is one of the most effective of non-surgical liposuction devices. Treatment requires no topical or local anaesthesia and is given as an outpatient.

Adjustable laser applicators are positioned over the area of unwanted fat. During the treatment, they emit a painless, low-level 1060 nm laser energy that heats up the local fat and subcutaneous tissue to a critical temperature that is sustained of 45-47 C degrees for 25 minutes. Throughout the treatment time the skin is kept comfortably cool by turning the laser energy on and off and by varying the pulse duration. The increased temperature of the fat cells induces a non-inflammatory apoptotic death (accelerated natural cell death). The fat cells that die are carried away harmlessly by the body’s immune system. This results in a reduction in the overall circumference and of the thickness of the area treated. Click to read a great article on how Sculpsure works!

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