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Despite the cold, wet weather that we have seen around the region, we are looking forward to a warm summer full of vacations, days at the beach and spending time with family. Many are choosing to take the cold weather in stride, however, as they continue with their spring diets and exercise routines in order to get their body back into shape for the summer months. Full-body workouts are a great way to lose weight and tone from top to bottom, but is your stomach responding to your health conscious efforts?

Abdominal Fat

Abdominal fat always seems to be the first to put on and the last to go. For many men and women, it frustrates them to no end, as they cannot seem to shed those pesky pounds from their midsection. To make matters worse, studies have found that deep abdominal fat complicates your overall health in a variety of ways, as it increases your risk of heart disease, several types of cancers, and type 2 diabetes. Deep fat, or visceral fat, is located close to your organs, whereas subcutaneous fat is located closer to the skin. Thankfully, both of these types of fat can be reduced with healthy eating and exercise, but sometimes that’s not enough.


SculpSure is changing how both women and men regard their bodies and their midsections, as it is helping to reduce stubborn fat when other exercise routines fail to do the trick.

Many believe that fat reduction technologies automatically mean receiving surgery or local anesthesia, but SculpSure is eliminating these misconceptions and helping people lose fat quickly and easily. SculpSure is the perfect solution for those who cannot afford any downtime but still want to see results, which is attributing to its popularity.

SculpSure, approved by the FDA, is a laser treatment that combines laser technology, with hot and cold cycles, to ensure that the patient remains comfortable throughout the entire session. Where many treatments affect the skin, SculpSure is designed to target fat. In a 25 minute session, a 1060 nm laser heats up the fat and subcutaneous tissues, which kills fat cells. Those cells are then disposed of by the body, slimming down the midsection.

Do What’s Best for You!

Healthy eating and exercise are crucial in remaining trim and slim and in preventing abdominal fat from forming, but for those pounds that just won’t disappear, sometimes we need a little extra help. If you are interested in SculpSure or would like to learn more, contact our team.

Embrace the warm season with a nu yu, and see the results that you have been searching for!